Propane heating systems are generally considered to be cleaner and greener heating options compared to electric or oil-run heaters. Propane is also more affordable than either electric or oil. If you are looking into installing propane heating systems in your home or business, you would do well to learn the different types of propane heating systems and how they work.

Portable/ventless propane heaters
This type of propane heater offers the obvious advantage of being portable and travel-friendly. Some models come with wheels for easy lugging around wherever you go. Some portable heaters are so small they only come in the form of boxes. Portable heaters are also called ventless heaters because they do not have exterior vents.

Because they are so handy, portable heaters are often used in small areas such as single rooms, garages and workshops. They are also used to heat up outdoor spaces such as lawns, patios and decks. To warm up cold nights for al fresco dining, tall portable heaters called torchieres are also used.

propane heating systems South ShoreMounted/permanent propane heaters
The best choice for long-term or even permanent home heating would be the mounted type. You can have propane heaters mounted in your walls and ceiling. Mounted heaters have built-in fans which force air out and thus heat up larger areas.

Mounted heaters are larger and have an exterior venting system. Installation of these heaters requires access to adequate oxygen which is necessary for combustion.

Propane furnaces: What are the advantages of a propane furnace?
Propane furnaces are fast becoming a favorite home heating system for homeowners. This is because propane furnaces are rated as cost-effective, easy to maintain, environmentally-friendly and sturdy. Of course it helps that propane furnaces work during power outages.

Another advantage with propane furnaces is that they do not require chimneys as venting can be done vertically or horizontally. And because the exhaust of propane furnaces is cooler than that of traditional furnaces, a simple PVC piping for exhaust will suffice.

The latest models of propane furnaces feature more compact designs and greater flexibility in placement.

Propane water heaters
Entire_Geswell_family1Propane water heaters offer several advantages over electric water heaters. They emit significantly lower levels of greenhouse gases compared to electric heaters. They heat water much faster, take up less room and are more durable. They are also easy to install and operate.

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The one similarity with oil and propane is that it needs to be delivered to the home or business and stored in a tank. That is what separates us from the big names in the industry. We are a long time local family owned business and are quick to respond to your propane gas delivery needs and show up when we say we will.

So if you are considering using a propane heating system for your home or office, contact us today. We will be glad to answer any propane heating systems questions that you may have, show you your options and install and service it for you.

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